Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It seems I've confused the actors in the play,
Reacting to you as though you were really him.
The way you spoke to me in that moment--
The look in your eyes--
Sent me back in time to that feeling of captivity;
I remembered how he took control of my life--
And me--so subtly I didn't notice till it was too late,
And I vowed never to let it happen to me again.
In that bried instant I knew I had to hold my ground;
Standing up for my originality and personhood,
I overreacted, leaving you shocked, confused and hurt.
Now I pray God will help me see only the facts of today,
Putting the ghosts of yesterday far behind you and me,
Leaving us a solid, lasting love for all our tomorrows.
© 1984 TDD

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