Thursday, May 14, 2009

18 Short Poems from April 2000

Queen of the jungle
Ruler of all that she sees
Waiting for dinner.
© 2000 TDH

Here comes the spring of the year--
My favorite season draws near.
Everything starts to turn green,
Robin redbreast is seen:
We no longer need the snow gear!
© 2000 TDH

Stark barren landscape
Beautiful in its own way
God's majesty reigns.
© 2000 TDH

It is an end to desire
Where love stood still
This road seems endless.
© 2000 TDH

Snow-capped majesty
Reflected in the water--
Twice as desolate.
© 2000 TDH

The leaves on the ground--
Are they dead or yet alive?
And what of my heart?
© 2000 TDH

They touch, nerves tingling
Anything can happen
For they found true love
In each other tonight.
© 2000 TDH

Love is a sublime miracle
Laughter a delicious surprise
And beauty desired
© 2000 TDH

Colors in the sky
After the rain is over
Bringing smiles to all.
© 2000 TDH

Surveying my world
Feeling totally alone
On the brink of tears.
© 2000 TDH

Thoughts of love
Cannot transform the present--
Still I desire the past's warmth.
© 2000 TDH

Crisp colors of fall--
Blurred reflections in water
Are still beautiful.
© 2000 TDH

Tormented souls
Obsessions and confessions
Silence and confusion
© 2000 TDH

Guardian of all,
Standing watch in the desert,
Silent and alert
© 2000 TDH

Limbs stripped bare of scarlet leaves--
Winter arrives in its fury
Trees shiver without their gay garments.
© 2000 TDH

Surrounded by white
No color seen anywhere
Empty as my soul.
© 2000 TDH

My desire is hot
I love him
Man of my dreams
© 2000 TDH

Lazily dozing
In love's silence,
Your soul an open book.
© 2000 TDH

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