Thursday, May 14, 2009

18 More Short Poems From April 2000

Little white rabbit
Nestled in the grass so green--
The Easter Bunny?
© 2000 TDH

Summertime love
Picnic by the rippling brook
Orange butterflies drift across soft shadows
Desire lingers as summer ends.
© 2000 TDH

In spring a sadness found her
Slowly silencing the laughter
As madness invaded.
© 2000 TDH

Many hot tears flow
Fears and weakness remain
Yet time heals
Times change
Love alone knows why
© 2000 TDH

It's cold and quiet
In a prison of whiteness
Totally alone
© 2000 TDH

Sitting by the shore
Dreaming of a long lost love--
So lonely and sad.
© 2000 TDH

The wine of love is drained
Fruitless dregs in the empty glass
Desire is in vain.
© 2000 TDH

Colors in the sky
Promise of new beginnings
A smile in my heart.
© 2000 TDH

Remnants of love
Trampled desire
Submerged expectations
Deserted passion
Crowned with insignificance.
© 2000 TDH

Love is true
Needing nothing beyond each other
Nerves tingling with desire and longing
Heaven their reward
© 2000 TDH

Shots fired in anger
Children lie bleeding, in pain
Zoos should be for fun
© 2000 TDH

If only you could
Tell us all that you have seen--
What glorious tales!
© 2000 TDH

Reddish sky above
Reflected in the water
All is quiet here.
© 2000 TDH

Poets write of consummate beauty--
Radiant and heavenly.
Their words of praise to a lovely lady
Delight all
© 2000 TDH

Sparkling ray of light
Shining deep into my soul
Showing emptiness
© 2000 TDH

Prized memories of desire and love
Overflowing words
Bubbling laughter
Just will not end
© 2000 TDH

Till my soul is consumed
In Hades' hot fire
My love will be yours.
© 2000 TDH

Delicate flower
Like a bird on a tree branch
Poised to fly away.
© 2000 TDH

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