Friday, May 15, 2009


Your music
Touches hearts and souls
Connecting people all around the world
Bringing joy and happiness to millions of people
Thank you
© 2009 TDK


Gray skies
Thunder and lightning
Raindrops fall down lightly
Gradually becoming a torrential downpour
Like the sorrow flooding my heart.
© 2009 TDK

Crowned And Crucified

My first SERIOUS attempt at a sonnet.....made tougher by the fact I had the last two lines in my head first!! LOL

Crowned with the glory of your precious love
I believed myself to have won your heart
I dreamed that we would never be apart--
Neither on this earth nor in heaven above.
Passing time gave you every chance to prove
You had more than tender words to impart--
Instead of being struck by Cupid's dart
You showed me a heart that still longed to rove.
Though you knew how to love my body well,
You always managed to make my soul cry;
Longing for more, yet feeling all hope die.
Without you , here in my own private Hell,
There is but one truth left that I must tell:
As love crowns you, so shall he crucify.
© 2008 TDK

6 Short Poems From March 2009

Spring slowly begins
As slivers of green appear
Mixed amid the brown.
© 2009 TDK

True love
Given to you
Asking for nothing in return
My dear
© 2009 TDK

Someone reached back and called to the past.
What relief is found in whispers of love
Yes it was good
© 2009 TDK

Dandelions kissed by sunlight
Petals tickled by raindrops
Field bathed in green and gold.
© 2009 TDK

To be with you
Through good days and bad days
Working with you to make a life
© 2009 TDK

Love has been reborn
Once more we're like teenagers
Who can't get enough
Our life may not be perfect
But we're giving it our all.
© 2009 TDK

Never Been Me

For longer than I can remember, I've been trying to find
The life that would make me happy, that I'd be proud to live
But no matter what I do, the thought is always in my mind
That I'm still not content, that I have so much more to give

Looking back now, I can clearly see
That I've been living someone else's dream
And been a pawn in other people's schemes
In all of my life, I've never been me.

From childhood I began to make a plan for life
Only to have others treat it like a huge joke--
I wanted a man to touch my poet's soul, to make me a mother and wife
But I let their ridicule blow the dream away like so much smoke.

Denied the chance to really be free
I've been living someone else's dream
And been a pawn in other people's schemes
In all of my life, I've never been me.

Told that my writing was a waste of paper and ink
I gave it up for a time, let them give me another career
I let those who "knew what was best" tell me what to think
And tried to ignore the lines my muse would whisper in my ear.

Crying for the woman I wanted to be
While I'm living someone else's dream
Used as a pawn in other people's schemes
In all of my life, I've never been me.

I've let men in my life, and they've tried to win my heart
But the woman they've tried to win is not the one deep in my soul
I've learned to keep my true hopes and dreams in a place apart
While I longed to find the man who could accept me as a whole.

Longing for the one with whom I could be a "we"
I go on living someone else's dream
Being a pawn in other people's schemes
In all of my life I've never been me.
© 2008 TDK

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because Of You

Dedicated to my father.

Because of you, I learned to never believe that love was true
Because of you, I learned to walk away and look for someone new
Because of you, I learned to cheat, lie and deceive
Because of you, I learned to never let them see you cry when they leave.

Because of you, I can never give away my heart
Because of you, I must always hold something of myself apart
Because of you, no one ever earns my total trust
Because of you, my dreams of happiness all turned to dust.

Because of you, I'm still a lost and lonely child,
Because of you, there's a tear behind each smile
Because of you, and the example you left for me to follow
Too much of my life has been sad, lonely and hollow.
© 2008 TDK

Sweet Trouble

From the moment we met,
I knew you would bring trouble to my life
How could I have guessed it would turn out to be
a trouble I would crave?
I know I should resist the temptations you offer
And save the two of us from the potential heartache.
But each time I see your sweet face,
my heart skips a beat
And I find it nearly impossible to resist your many charms.
Whenever you're near, I find myself getting deeper and deeper into trouble;
Trouble that brings so much happiness I welcome it with open arms.
© 2008 TDK

Man Much Missed

Man much missed, when will I see you again?
Days spent without your dazzling smile--
The one that spreads into your eyes and lights my life--
Seem to drag on forever in a cloud of loneliness

Man much missed, our time apart is a constant reminder
Of the thrilling heights I reach with you.
The touch of your lips on mine spark the flame
Which grows stronger and hotter with each kiss.

Man much missed, I long to be in our favorite spot
With my legs draped across your body
And your arms wrapped tightly around me
So that I once again feel secure and loved.
© 2008 TDK

4 Short Poems From December 2008

Delicate flower
Pure as snow, all creamy white
Gleaming in the sun
© 2008 TDK

Love forever elusive
Desire setting the darkness aglow
Tears flow stealthily
Intimacy slowly ending
Exchanged for quiet torment
© 2008 TDK
Beautiful sunset
Ends another lonely day
Spent without your love
© 2008 TDK
They found their heaven--
As a look passed between them,
Hope awakened desire
And took them to the moon.
© 2008 TDK

The Best Days Of Your Life

I'll be the thought in the back of your mind
Leaving me the one mistake you'll always regret
Even though you're gone and I'm crying
I'll always be the girl you can't forget

The best days of your life
Were the days you had with me
Too bad you just let them go
Because you were too blind to see

Every time someone speaks my name
Or you catch a glimpse of a teddy bear
You're going to get lost in memories
And wish I were still there

The best days of your life
Were the days you had with me
Too bad you just let them go
Because you were too blind to see

You'll never find another woman
Who would have been your friend forever
You already had the very best
But you still longed for something better

The best days of your life
Were the days you had with me
Too bad you just let them go
Because you were too blind to see
© 2008 TDK


Written using a line prompt.

This is where push comes to shove
And you have to choose between lust or love
This is where you thank the stars above
For the one who fits you like a hand in a glove.

This is where you say goodbye
And never let them see you cry
This is where you want to die
Though no one else can ever know why

This is where the heartache
Fills every moment you're awake
This is where you can't forsake
Those vows you were so proud to take

This is where you put away
What you want so bad to say
This is where you just can't stay
No matter how much you want to play

This is where you need to be strong
And remember where you still belong
This is where what's right and wrong
Must rule your heart and push it along.
© 2008 TDK

Too Busy Being Fabulous

Written using a title prompt

Another night of sitting alone
Wishing it could be the two of us
But while I'm here at home
You're too busy being fabulous.

We used to be inseparable
Togetherness was all we knew
But then you became "somebody"
And being fabulous got a hold on you

There were nights out on the town
Where everyone made such a fuss
All the attention started to make me frown
But you were loving being fabulous

Fame and fortune sound so good
When they're only in your dreams
But when only one of you succeeds
Fabulous isn't really all it seems

So go on, enjoy your wine, women and song
And forget about the vows you made for us--
Someday you may have to face your regrets
But today you're just too busy being fabulous.
© 2008 TDK

Don't Think I Don't Think About It

More song lyrics
Just because I go on with my daily life
Doesn't mean I don't think of you and cry
Just because I'm someone else's wife
Doesn't mean I can't still wonder why

Don't think I don't think about it
And wonder where it might have led
Don't think I don't think about it
Remembering the things I should have said

Just because you never hear me speak your name
Doesn't mean you no longer cross my mind
Just because everything about me seems the same
Doesn't mean my heart's not broken deep inside

Don't think I don't think about it
Wishing one more time to see your face
Don't think I don't think about it
What could have been, in another time and place

Just because I've learned to push down the pain
Doesn't mean I don't feel it every second
Just because my tears no longer fall like rain
Doesn't mean I wouldn't come running if you'd beckon

Don't think I don't think about it
For now you surely know I do
Don't think I don't think about it
And long once more to be with you
© 2008 TDK

One Last Look

What I wouldn't give for:
One more kiss
One more touch
One more embrace
One more chance

How was I to know we were living:
One final day
One final argument
One final ending
One final everything

And now all I have is:
One last farewell
One last regret
One last heartache
One last look
© 2008 TDK

My Heart Remembers

(Written using title prompt)

My heart remembers--
The longing when your eyes met mine
The fire when your fingers brushed my cheek
The sweet nectar of your warm kisses
The ecstasy of every moment together
The agony of every moment apart
My heart remembers
While my head struggles to forget.
© 2008 TDK

Belong To Me

Dedicated to my "celebrity crush"
Flash me that smile that makes me weak
Call my name in the voice that gives me goosebumps
Look at me with the eyes that see into my soul
Wrap me in the arms that keep me safe and warm
Caress me with the hands that are both strong and gentle
Kiss me till I can't think straight any longer
Love me for who I am, just as I love you
Belong to me forever and always.
© 2008 TDK

The Secret Between Us

(written using a title prompt)
Glances fraught with meaning
Touches that linger a little too long
Smiles that are literally beaming
Hearts that pound like the beat of a song

Trying to hide all we're feeling
So that no one else can see
Knowing we can't risk revealing
Because neither of us is free

Wishing we had other choices
Dreaming of what might have been
Longing to raise our voices
To declare our love again and again

Instead we must keep our love hidden
There's no one else we can trust
We can't let the words escape unbidden
We must keep this secret between us.
© 2008 TDK

The Rest Of Her Life

(Written using title prompt)

She thought she'd have his love
The rest of her life
She thought she'd be happy
The rest of her life


She's going to be missing him
The rest of her life
She's going to be alone
The rest of her life.
© 2008 TDK

It's All About Him

Woke up in the middle of the night with the first verse running through my head....written for my husband.
Every thought running through my head
Every dream that comes to me in my bed
Every loving feeling that fills my heart to the brim
I can truly say it's all about him

Every day I wake up and smile
Every hour he makes it all worthwhile
There are those who will never understand
How it can all center around that one man

It's because he gives me what no one else could
It's because with him my life has been so good
It's because we are one another's destiny
It's because, for him, it's all about me.
© 2008 TDK

Too Late To Say Goodbye

Based on a fantasy/daydream about my "celebrity crush."
The day they met was nothing special
A day like any other day
Until the moment when their eyes met
And neither one could look away.

There was something in that moment
Sparks flew in the air
The chemistry between them
Was something sweet and rare

They didn't want to face it
They tried to push it down
But the flame they had ignited
Burned too bright to drown

From the moment they said hello
It was too late to say goodbye
It was fate that brought them to that place
And they'll be together till they die.
© 2008 TDK

Come Walk With Me

(written using a title prompt)
Come walk with me
Beneath the starry sky
And hold my hand
While the hours pass by

Come talk to me
In sweet whispered words
And we'll share those dreams
No one's ever heard

Come hold me tight
Wrap me in your loving arms
And let me know I'm safe
As you shelter me from harm

Come cover my mouth
With warm, wet kisses
Till my body feels weak
And each breath barely hisses

Come lay with me
All through the night
And we'll make love
Till the morning light
© 2008 TDK

Catch Me When I Fall

(Written using a title prompt)

If I let down my guard
Will you prove worthy of my trust
Or drive me deeper inside my pain?

If I let you into my life,
Will you stay with me forever,
Or just until someone better comes along?

If I tell you that I need you
Will you shower me with affection
Or walk away without a word?

If I fall in love with you
Will you be waiting there to catch me,
Or let me drop into more loneliness?
© 2008 TDK

The Girl Within

The world looks at my face,
Seeing a woman, mature and responsible.
He looks into my eyes,
Seeing a girl, spontaneous and impulsive.

The world looks at my life,
Seeing a wife and mother of three.
He looks into my heart,
Seeing a friend and lover.

The world looks at the superficial,
Seeing me in stereotypes.
He looks into my very soul,
Seeing the extraordinary girl within.
© 2008 TDK


Imploring supplication speaks
To his heart--
Begging its pardon as morning dawns
Along with the stunning realization
Of her growing love.
© 2008 TDK

Four Seasons

Love blooms
In the garden
Of my heart

Passion heats
All the moments
Of my life

Tears fall
In the silence
Of my room

Isolation kills
All the romance
Of my soul.
© 2008 TDK

Woman In Red

Woman of mystery
Guards her secrets
As she guards her heart.

She walks along the shore
Among the craggy rocks
Lost in her memories.

Where did she come from?
What has she seen?
What has she lost?

Always a mystery
Nothing but conjecture
And her stony silence.
© 2008 TDK

Until You Have To Go

This was never a part of the plan
We were never supposed to know
The kind of passion that we share
But share we will until you have to go

From the first we laughed and cried together
Not afraid to let each strong emotion show
Then you found your way inside my heart
Where you will stay, until you have to go

We don't have to ask why or how
When it will end isn't something we care to know
All that matters is this moment and our love
Our love will last until you have to go

From you I learned the art of give and take
The joy of "going with the flow"
And though we may never meet again
Right here I'll stay until you have to go.
© 2008 TDK

4 Short Poems From September 2008

Pale white flower grows
Dewdrops glisten on petals
Nature's falling tears.
© 2008 TDK

Sympathetic face
Big brown eyes of sadness
Pity the dying
© 2008 TDK

Three ducks in a row
Waddle beside the water
In the breaking dawn
© 2008 TDK

Large and powerful
Yet each movement filled with grace
Watching the whales dance.
© 2008 TDK

Biographical Poem

Shy, quiet, compassionate, loving
Mother of three
Who loves reading, chocolate and music
Who is afraid of snakes, bridges and failure
Who wants to see Paris, Neil Diamond and grandchildren
Resident of her own mind too often
© 2008 TDK

You And I

Inspired by a dream of my "celebrity crush."
I want to be with you tonight
Listening to the words of love you speak
I want to be there setting things right
Building with you the life that we seek.

You deserve to hear me cheering you on
To reach for those far-flung dreams
You deserve to be certain my love has grown
No matter how things may sometimes seem

I long to hear your voice, to see your face
To feel the warmth of your smile
I long to be wrapped in your strong embrace
And sit silent with you a while.

You are the man who's stolen my heart
And filled my life with honest love
You are the man who is the biggest part
Of the person I've strived to become.
© 2008 TDK

3 Short Poems From July 2008

On the horizon
Stands a single stalwart tree
Calling me back home.
© 2008 TDK
Spoken words of love:
Empty in comparison
To a lover's smile
© 2008 TDK
Tiny silver lines
Glisten in the early dawn
Catch the breaking sun
© 2008 TDK


Let freedom ring to the people of every nation
Let freedom sing in the children of every generation
Let freedom ring to show we will not be broken
Let fredom sing in every word that will be spoken
Let freedom ring to bring hope to each frightened soul
Let freedom sing in every heart to make it whole
Let freedom ring as it has in years gone by
Let freedom sing and never let it die
© 2001 TDH


The feelings I have for you have gotten complicated--
Trying to make sense of them leaves me so frustrated.
I want to hold you close, I want to push you away;
I want to make you leave, I want to beg you to stay.
I want to be the one you love, I want to be your friend;
I want to turn and run, I want to be here until the end.
I want to tell you how I feel, but I know I won't.
I want you to love me enough, but I know you don't.
I want to be the one who holds your heart but yet
I know the one who does is not that easy to forget.
© 2001 TDH


We thought we'd share a million years
But all that's left to share are tears
We thought joy would always fill our hearts
But now we watch as it falls apart
We thought we were meant to have forever
But we will never be together
We know we'll always be in love
But love just isn't quite enough.
© 2001 TDH

Darkness And Despair

The darkness is closing in again--
Life holds no meaning for me
As I go about my usual routine;
Those menial tasks I could do in my sleep.
No respect, no consideration, no gratitude,
Just a woman constantly taken for granted.
Dreams gone up in smoke,
Hopes dashed on the rocks of despair.
© 20001 TDH


Once accusations flew
Aimed from me to you--
But now I am the one
Hiding what I've done.
You must never know,
And it hurts me so.
I once took great pride
In having never lied--
"My life's an open book
Into which you may look."
But now there is a wall
You may not pass at all.
I must not let you see
The darker side of me,
For you would soon be gone
And I would be alone.
Although I broke the vow
I love you even now.
© 2001 TDH


Sometimes it feels I've loved you forever
And yet every day it seems brand new.
There's no end to my list of reasons
Why the only one for me is you.

You bring me joy, you bring me laughter
You share my happiness and sorrow
You give me respect, you give me love
You share my dreams for a bright tomorrow.

You're my friend, lover, partner, confidante--
My everything rolled into one.
You give me strength to face the roughest days
And remind me life is full of fun.

You are the answer to my prayers
You are all my dreams come true
You are the one I want to have and hold--
Forever and always my heart belongs to you.
© 2000 TDH

When Our Eyes Met

The moment your eyes met mine
I knew that we were meant to be
And even though you're far away
I still can feel you here with me
No matter how long it may take
For us to make our dreams come true
I will always be right by your side
For no one can ever love me like you.
© 2000 TDH

2 short poems from September 2000

Hiding from the world
Avoiding the eyes of man
Return to the depths.
© 2000 TDH

There is a really tasty treat
That I do so much love to eat
Chocolate is my fave
About it I do rave
I tell you--it just can't be beat!
© 2000 TDH

18 Short Poems from May 2000

A new day begins
The promise of better things
The world is at peace.
© 2000 TDH

Their love is a symphony of silence
Hot notes of desire
Long gone sour.
© 2000 TDH

A lone duck swims by
In the pink-orange glow of dawn--
What a lovely day.
© 2000 TDH

Love is ageless
Love is warm
Only love could write
His name on my heart
With a soft kiss.
© 2000 TDH

Up, up and away
High above the rocky scene--
Floating in the sky.
© 2000 TDH

Pretty butterfly
Flitting among the flowers
Resting a moment.
© 2000 TDH

Love is forever
Its absence results in death
Hearts cannot survive
© 2000 TDH

Stark white loneliness
As far as the eye can see.
How do I escape?
© 2000 TDH

Blinded by desire
And foolish words of love
We have found nothing new
© 2000 TDH

Delicious memories of love
Desire overflowing
Souls long for soft words.
© 2000 TDH

Expectant visions of love
Desire accentuated
Rapture imparted
A song in the night
Reminds your soul.
© 2000 TDH

Palm trees provide shade
On the lonely stretch of beach
As I sit and cry
© 2000 TDH

Hot drops glistening in her eye
Secrets reflected in a sigh
The day that love will die
© 2000 TDH

Flitting through the air
Stopping to rest a moment
Then continuing.
© 2000 TDH

Frigid wintertime
Still not as cold as your heart
When you said goodbye
© 2000 TDH

In the warm afternoon
Flesh throbbing with desire--
One found love,
Another only tears.
© 2000 TDH

Soft purring sounds of love
Always transform desire
Beyond what is in the mind.
© 2000 TDH

My one and only;
Forever love of my life--
Till death do us part.
© 2000 TDH

18 More Short Poems From April 2000

Little white rabbit
Nestled in the grass so green--
The Easter Bunny?
© 2000 TDH

Summertime love
Picnic by the rippling brook
Orange butterflies drift across soft shadows
Desire lingers as summer ends.
© 2000 TDH

In spring a sadness found her
Slowly silencing the laughter
As madness invaded.
© 2000 TDH

Many hot tears flow
Fears and weakness remain
Yet time heals
Times change
Love alone knows why
© 2000 TDH

It's cold and quiet
In a prison of whiteness
Totally alone
© 2000 TDH

Sitting by the shore
Dreaming of a long lost love--
So lonely and sad.
© 2000 TDH

The wine of love is drained
Fruitless dregs in the empty glass
Desire is in vain.
© 2000 TDH

Colors in the sky
Promise of new beginnings
A smile in my heart.
© 2000 TDH

Remnants of love
Trampled desire
Submerged expectations
Deserted passion
Crowned with insignificance.
© 2000 TDH

Love is true
Needing nothing beyond each other
Nerves tingling with desire and longing
Heaven their reward
© 2000 TDH

Shots fired in anger
Children lie bleeding, in pain
Zoos should be for fun
© 2000 TDH

If only you could
Tell us all that you have seen--
What glorious tales!
© 2000 TDH

Reddish sky above
Reflected in the water
All is quiet here.
© 2000 TDH

Poets write of consummate beauty--
Radiant and heavenly.
Their words of praise to a lovely lady
Delight all
© 2000 TDH

Sparkling ray of light
Shining deep into my soul
Showing emptiness
© 2000 TDH

Prized memories of desire and love
Overflowing words
Bubbling laughter
Just will not end
© 2000 TDH

Till my soul is consumed
In Hades' hot fire
My love will be yours.
© 2000 TDH

Delicate flower
Like a bird on a tree branch
Poised to fly away.
© 2000 TDH

18 Short Poems from April 2000

Queen of the jungle
Ruler of all that she sees
Waiting for dinner.
© 2000 TDH

Here comes the spring of the year--
My favorite season draws near.
Everything starts to turn green,
Robin redbreast is seen:
We no longer need the snow gear!
© 2000 TDH

Stark barren landscape
Beautiful in its own way
God's majesty reigns.
© 2000 TDH

It is an end to desire
Where love stood still
This road seems endless.
© 2000 TDH

Snow-capped majesty
Reflected in the water--
Twice as desolate.
© 2000 TDH

The leaves on the ground--
Are they dead or yet alive?
And what of my heart?
© 2000 TDH

They touch, nerves tingling
Anything can happen
For they found true love
In each other tonight.
© 2000 TDH

Love is a sublime miracle
Laughter a delicious surprise
And beauty desired
© 2000 TDH

Colors in the sky
After the rain is over
Bringing smiles to all.
© 2000 TDH

Surveying my world
Feeling totally alone
On the brink of tears.
© 2000 TDH

Thoughts of love
Cannot transform the present--
Still I desire the past's warmth.
© 2000 TDH

Crisp colors of fall--
Blurred reflections in water
Are still beautiful.
© 2000 TDH

Tormented souls
Obsessions and confessions
Silence and confusion
© 2000 TDH

Guardian of all,
Standing watch in the desert,
Silent and alert
© 2000 TDH

Limbs stripped bare of scarlet leaves--
Winter arrives in its fury
Trees shiver without their gay garments.
© 2000 TDH

Surrounded by white
No color seen anywhere
Empty as my soul.
© 2000 TDH

My desire is hot
I love him
Man of my dreams
© 2000 TDH

Lazily dozing
In love's silence,
Your soul an open book.
© 2000 TDH

Sonnet For An Easter Bonnet

I bought an darling hat
To wear on Easter day
But when I stopped to chat
The wind blew it away.

It rose above the trees
And up into the sky--
It almost seemed to me
That little hat could fly.

The last I saw my bonnet
It was wrapped in telephone wire
And so I wrote this sonnet
Before it could get any higher.

And next year, I'm afraid,
I'll be going hatless to the Easter parade!
© 2000 TDH

17 Very Short Poems from March 2000

From dark midnight shadows,
Astride his painted pinto,
The Indian crossed forgetten trails.
© 2000 TDH

Melancholy time
The end of another day
Sadness covers all.
© 2000 TDH

Souls overflowing
Delicious moments
Desire expands
More love found
© 2000 TDH

Splashes of color
Reflected in the water
Yet sadness lingers.
© 2000 TDH

Ribbons of color
Move across the pale blue sky
Beautiful day.
© 2000 TDH

Love encompassed scene
Hot ache of delicious desire.
© 2000 TDH

Wait patiently to touch heaven
Anything may happen
Stay to the end
© 2000 TDH

Another life waits
For us on the other side
Let's cross together
© 2000 TDH

What could be lurking
In the darkening shadows?
Could it be my fears?
© 2000 TDH

Masked intruder waits
Peering at us anxiously...
Will he run away?
© 2000 TDH

Colors streak the sky
God is painting the heavens
All is peaceful at last.
© 2000 TDH

Unbearably painful insignificance
Totally dispassionate words
© 2000 TDH

Soft delicious notes
A lovely symphony
of silky desire.
© 2000 TDH

Another day dawns
A time of fresh beginnings
How will you use it?
© 2000 TDH

Red hot lips
Twilight sky
© 2000 TDH

Stark and empty scene
Reminds me of my loneliness
Sadness everywhere
© 2000 TDH

Billowy white clouds
Like little balls of cotton
Strewn across the sky
© 2000 TDH


One look at your face
And I break into a smile.
One touch of your hand
And I quiver with desire.
One kiss from your lips
And the world all melts away.
One hug from your strong arms
And I know that I am home at last.
© 2000 TDH


Why can't I forget you?
Sitting in a crowd of people,
I'm forced to hide my tears of loneliness.
No matter what I do,
You are part of my thoughts
And you are always in my dreams.
I long to make things right between us again,
Yet I know this goodbye may be forever.
Part of my heart will always be yours,
For I care more than you could guess.
© 1999 TDH

Lost Love

You never know what you have till you lose it,
And as I watch you leave I know it's true.
I took your presence in my life for granted
But now I miss you and I'm feeling blue.
I told you I didn't love you
And that I'd found another guy.
Now, from the way my heart is breaking,
I know it must have been a lie.
I know I won't forget you--
I'll keep you in my heart,
And we'll always have the memories,
So we'll never be apart.
© 1999 TDH


Love that brightens every day,
Passion that burns each night.
Emotions that fill the heart,
Words that speak to the soul.
Two halves of a whole
Joined in complete perfection,
Fulfilling every need and desire.
Each wanting nothing more
Than the happiness of the other,
And a lifetime to share,
Making all their dreams come true.
© 1999 TDH

What You Mean To Me

You'll never know how much you mean to me.
Your brought light in your smile,
when I was sure I'd be in darkness forever.
You brought happiness,
even in the times I spend alone.
You gave me honesty and truth,
things I'd been too long without.
You didn't pass judgement on my earlier mistakes.
You brought laughter in the midst of my tears.
You gave me strength and encouragament
when I was so used to being put down.
You'll never know how much you really mean to me.
© 1998 TDH


There's someone in my life
Who makes me feel good about living
And makes me want to keep on giving.

There's someone in my life
Who lets me stand alone and be strong,
But when I need a hand, he helps me along.

There's someone in my life
I feel I've known forever
And I've promised we will stay together.

YOU are the person in my life--
The very best friend I could have,
And the one I will always love!
© 1998 TDH


What are soulmates?
Two people who share
Thoughts, feelings, interests:
People who can communicate
Without saying a word.
Two who have become best friends,
Feeling they have been together forever,
Though they've only just met.
At first glance, you and I
Seem to be worlds apart,
Yet the more we look inside,
The more alike we seem.
Could it be that we have found
Our soulmates?
© 1998 TDH

When We Met

When we met
the birds were singing
my heart went winging
and love filled the air.

When we met
we knew it was right;
we made quite a sight
and the sun blinded our eyes.

When we met
words refused to spill,
the night stood still
and our love was blessed from above.

When we met
I knew you were a part
of the love in my heart
and I could never let you go.
© 1998 TDH

Memories Are Made To Last

Will we ever be together again?
There are so many things I want to tell you--
If you could only see into my heart,
You would know and understand.
Memories are made to last forever--
This I know is true.
Your gentle touch has kept me alive,
For you're always on my mind.
You speak to me in my dreams,
Your touch awakens my soul.
© 1998 TDH

Just To Hear Your Voice

Just to hear your voice
Gives me new hope.
If I could only touch you once again--
You're so far away,
And it seems like years since I've seen you.
I remember all the quiet moments we've had--
Just your touch gave me memories to treasure--
And will keep them in my heart forever.
© 1998 TDH

If You Love Me

Hug me, kiss me, hold me tight
Speak my name all through the night.
Send me flowers, hold my hand
Let me know that you're my man.
Wake up hugging, walk with me
Keep the romance soft and free.
Let me cry when I am blue;
Always speak your feelings true.
As each day goes passing by
I'll be sure to never sigh.
You're my dream, my heart's desire;
You're the one that fans the fire
that burns within my soul.
© 1998 TDH

If You Were Here Tonight

If you were here tonight
I would whisper in your ear soft words of love
to let you know how I feel.
I would softly touch your body
to let you know how gently I want to love you.
I would hold you so close
to let you know I want you near me always.
I would kiss you deeply
to leave you breathless with my passion for you
And we would finally become one.
© 1998 TDH

My Love

Love is when I hear your heartbeat begin to match mine,
your breathing steady and reassuring,
slowing the quickness of my own.
Love is when I look into your eyes and see a smile deep within you which I know is for me alone,
the desire that only I can fulfill,
the warmth that reaches deep into my soul.
Love is the taste of your lips when we say so much without using any words,
but still understand.
Love is the protection your arms offer,
your strength and tenderness,
the heat from your body and the feel of you against me.
Love is the trembling of my own responses,
which only you can cause,
for you are the only one I need.
© 1998 TDH

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Say It Again

You always say you love me
And you always show it, too.
You always say you need me;
It shows in all you do.
You always say you want me--
No one else would ever do.

I love to hear you say it;
I know every word is true.
I love the way you show it;
It makes me feel brand new.

A love like ours will never end;
The love we share is much too strong.
So let me hear it once again:
I love you, I need you, I want you.
© 1998 TDH

That's When I'll Be There

Rainy days and blue skies
Tears building up in your eyes
That's when I'll be there
With hands to pull you near

Dreams that didn't come true
Hopes that all fell through
That's when I'll be there
With arms to hold and give you care

When you're tired or weak
Don't even want to speak
That's when I'll be there
With a smile and a prayer

Everything will be straight in time
You will always be mine
And you will never need to feel blue
As long as there is me and I have you.
© 1998 TDH

One Day

At that fateful moment
When we gaze into each other's eyes,
Time will stop; the world will not turn,
The past will not have been.
We will live only in that moment.

Each second will be special,
Each hour a dream come true,
Each day a new beginning.

At that moment
The distance will be closed
And forever will be ours:
But for now we can only whisper
"One day..."
© 1998 TDH

Love Story

All my life I dreamed of what true love should be
But I'd begun to think it wouldn't come to me
Then I met a man who touched me deep inside
But he wasn't mine, so my love I had to hide.

The spark of love lay smoldering within my heart
For many months, while he and I were far apart.
I never dared to hope he'd felt it, too
And was also feeling lost and blue.

Then I returned and saw him with his wife
So I was sure I'd never have him in my life
But then one night when we sat talking alone
He told me of the love for me he had known

From that moment, the spark erupted into flame
As we discovered our dreams had been the same
The more time we spent together, the more we knew
We had to find a way to make the dream come true.

For now we get together whenever we can--
We've love to share and our future to plan.
Soon the path will be clear for him and me
And our love at last we'll allow the world to see.
© 1990 TDR

High Stakes

The stakes are high, the odds against us
But I can't get you out of my heart.
Look in my eyes and you'll see my love.
No one can ever tear us apart.

I don't know what brought us together;
The reasons still aren't clear.
I only know I feel much better
Every time you hold me near.

I wish I could make you see
I'd do anything at all for you.
I'd push his love away from me
And tell him we are through.

I know it may be too late
To have the things we should have had
But I will put my trust in fate
And pray the outcome makes us glad.
© 1990 TDR

Friends Or Lovers

Friends or lovers?
Lovers or friends?
When lust begins
Must friendship end?
I love him
And you love her--
Where that leaves us
Neither is sure.
© 1990 TDR

If Only

If only you'd shared your feelings long ago
And if only we weren't both tied to others now,
Tonight could be ending so differently.
If only we were free to say what we feel
And if only we could explore those feelings together,
We might discover something extraspecial.
If only--the saddest words I know.
© 1990 TDR


We've been together six years now, and I've always been the one to change my plans so you can make your dreams come true.
Now I'm finally trying to get something for myself,
and I find how unimportant my needs are to you.
No matter how often you may tell me that you care,
Your actions will continue to make a liar out of you.
If you really cared what I am going through right now,
You'd be staying right by my side,
not going far away from me for weeks on end,
leaving me with no support.
© 1989 TDR


I used to think I could always count on you to be there--
To hold my hand and wipe away my tears when I was feeling down,
To take away my pain and help me see there were better days to come.
Now I need you so much more than I ever thought possible,
But you're keeping me at arm's length, refusing to let me reveal my emotions to you.
When you're so cold and distant, I wonder if your love for me has died.
© 1989 TDR


Within the circle of your arms, I cherish your strength.
Floating across the room with you, I am free at last.
We look into each other's eyes, and silent vows of love pass between us.
Though others are dancing to the music of the band,
we hear only the song from our hearts.
© 1989 TDR

We Came So Close

It was right in front of us,
Waiting for us to reach out,
Embrace it, turn it to reality.
Still too afraid to try,
We turned away,
Yearning for what could have been.
© 1989 TDR

Hell Times Two

For so long, I kept my love for you hidden in the darkest part of my heart,
Afraid to ever let it show, miserable because it had to be my secret.
Yet all the while you suffered with a secret of your own;
So sure I could never feel as you did, you never even planned to give me a chance.
Then one day the feeling grew too strong to keep it locked away
And the words came rushing out as though they possessed a will of their own.
Now the love's been shared and we're faced with twice as much sorrow and despair,
Which we must face in our own private, silent Hell once more.
© 1989 TDR


There's much in my life I'd love to do differently,
But not loving you.
Of all the things I've ever done, loving you was the best.
You were my first true love, and no one since can measure up to you.
Just when I think I 'm over you and going on with my life,
Something triggers my memories and you're on my mind for days.
No matter how far apart we may be, my heart and soul are always yours.
© 1989 TDR

Dream vs. Reality

I close my eyes...
I'm sitting next to you in a warm spring meadow,
Listening to birds sing, smelling the sweet
floral perfume, feeling the grass beneath me
and your gentle touch.

I can almost see...
Yellow and white daisies and pink wild roses,
dotted with fluttering white butterflies,
And you--you take my breath away
and bring sunshine to my life!

I open my eyes...
I'm sitting here alone, looking out the window,
Listening to the wind, smellling dinner cooking,
feeling the chill of the windowpane pressed against my cheek.

I look out to see...
Gray skies over the lonely city, gray slush in the street,
eaves dripping with crystal icicles.
But you'll be home any minute,
bringing back the sunshine once again.
© 1989 TDR

What Could Have Been

Life could have been so wonderful for us
If we had listened to our hearts and not our heads.
Our hearts have always been full of love for one another,
While our heads have always found logical reasons for us to throw away our dreams.
© 1989 TDR

Love Turned Bad

Why did our heaven disappear so soon
And our love song go so quickly out of tune?
Why has the green of springtime turned to brown
And our perfect world turned upside down?
How did we lose the magic we used to share
And forget how tenderly we used to care?
Where are the days of roses and wine,
Those special times which were yours and mine?
All our dreams have gone up in smoke
And our love seems nothing more than a joke.
© 1989 TDR

One Day

One day I'm going to get to you
The way you always get to me;
I know it seems like a long shot,
But still I have to believe in it--
Believe what's between us
Is stronger than time or space,
That nothing and no one
Can keep us apart for long.
For us, the best is yet to come.
© 1988 TDR

What If?

What if I'd met you before--
Before I was wife and mother;
Before I lost my belief in dreams;
Before I became so cynical;
Before I gave up on love?
Would we have shared our lives together?
© 1988 TDR

Unspoken Love

Though you've never said the words,
I've seen the desire in your eyes
When you thought no one was looking,
And I know you want me as I want you.
If you would only give in to your feelings,
You might be surprised how good I could make you feel.
The years between us--the ones of which you seem so afraid--
Could be an advantage if we'd only let them.
There is so much we could teach one another
If you'd only give our love a fighting chance.
© 1988 TDR

So Many Things

So many things we've never shared:
Slow dances,
Warm embraces,
Loving kisses,
Leisurely walks hand in hand,
Yet I'm satisfied just to have you in my life.
© 1988 TDR

I'll Be There

When skies are dark and full of rain,
That's when I'll be there;
When your eyes are filled with pain,
That's when I'll be there.
When you need someone to hold you,
That's when I'll be there;
When you need a friend who's true,
That's when I'll be there.
When you're tired of being alone,
That's when I'll be there;
When you can't make it on your own,
That's when I'll be there.
When your world is filled with laughter,
That's when I'll be there;
When you get everything you're after,
That's when I'll be there.
When times are good or when they're bad,
That's when I'll be there;
When you're happy or when you're sad,
That's when I'll be there.
© 1988 TDR


A part of you is always with me
Even when we're far apart.
The bond that holds us together
Is stronger than either friendship or love.
Although we may never truly be together,
Nothing will ever keep us apart.
© 1988 TDR


I thought of you today
And my face lit up
With the glow of my love.
© 1988 TDR

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I often see
The love you're afraid to admit,
And it goes straight to my heart,
Feeding my flame of passion.
As long as those messages are there,
I won't give up on us.
© 1988 TDR

Bad Timing

Will you always think of us
As bad timing, fate gone wrong?
Will that help to ease the heartache
Of loving and wanting, but never having?
Will it get you through those sleepless nights of "what if"?
Then go ahead.
Put us down to bad timing.
© 1988 TDR

Where, What, Why

Where do I go from here?
I want to let you know
It's alright to take the next step,
But I don't want to push you into something you aren't ready to face.

What do you want from me?
Sometimes I think you are just looking for another friend,
But other times I see passion burning in your eyes.

Why are you holding back?
Stop fighting your emotions and come to me freely,
with no fears.
© 1988 TDR


Remember the time I gave back your frat pin
Because things were moving too fast for me?
I thought you'd give up on us forever,
But you didn't.

Remember the time I wanted to make you jealous,
So I made a play for your roommate?
I thought you'd never forgive me,
But you did.

Remember the time we went camping
And shared a romantic weekend?
I thought we'd be together always,
But you didn't.

Remember the time you proposed
And all the wedding plans we made?
I thought you'd never stop loving me,
But you did.
© 1988 TDR


It used to be so easy for us:
We could laugh and talk together,
Always the very best of friends.
Now you've drawn a line
You won't allow me to cross,
Built a wall around yourself
I can't seem to break through.
I almost wish I'd never said
"I love you."
© 1988 TDR


When I'm alone
And feeling down,
My thoughts turn to you.
I long to feel your arms around me,
Comforting me with their strength,
Protecting me from hurt and pain,
But I know you'll always be true to her.
© 1988 TDR

I Envy You

You are still so young,
With so much yet to learn,
So much yet to experience.
I envy you.

There are so many roads
Still open to you,
So many choices yet to make,
I envy you.

You still have the chance
To find one you can truly love
And spend forever together.
I envy you.

You may never feel the pain
Of a life of regret, caused by
Making all the wrong choices.
I envy you.
© 1988 TDR

Love's Colors

Loving you has brought a fabulous array of color into my life:
Red is for the hot, unspoken passions between us,
waiting to erupt at the slightest signal from the other.
Green is for the jealousy I feel whenever I must share you with others.
Blue is for the tears I cry when we're apart,
afraid of losing you--and your love--forever.
Purple is for the welcoming darkness of the nights I long to share with you, giving myself completely.
Please don't send me back to a black and white existence.
© 1988 TDR

Too Late

I met you too late--
Though I care for you,
My life's already joined to his
By a tie I cannot--or will not--break.
No matter how tempted we may be
To give in to what we're feeling,
I can never let it happen.
If only I'd met you sooner.
© 1988 TDR


Once we were strangers, looking for friendship;
Once we were strangers, in need of comfort;
Once we were strangers, longing to be loved.

We grew to enjoy each other's company;
We shared our hopes, our dreams, our highs, our lows;
We felt love growing but tried to hide it.

No longer strangers, we've found a true friend;
No longer strangers, we bring comfort to one another;
No longer strangers, we're still afraid to share our love.
© 1988 TDR

Best Friends

Being there through thick and thin
Encouraging you to reach your goals
Sharing secrets, dreams and hopes
Trust that is earned and cherished

Feelings of kinship and love
Reaching out to touch a hand
Ignoring all your faults and flaws
Enjoying all your time together
Nothing can ever come between you
Doing all you can for one another
Sure you'll be friends for life.
© 1988 TDR

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Though I won't be the one waiting at home,
My face will appear before yu when you least expect it;
Each time you gaze deep into her eyes,
You'll remember the love you saw in mine.
Remember, when you hear her laughter,
How you loved to make me smile;
When you wipe away her tears,
Think of my broken heart which will never mend.
With each of her "I love you"s,
Remember my love, which you rejected,
And know it still belongs to you.
© 1988 TDR

Hidden Love

The longer I sat in that room
With you next to me, yet far away,
The weaker I felt--
My lips stayed dry
no matter how often
I tried to wet them;
My breath came in sighs,
slipping past the lump
in my throat;
My heart pounded against
my chest, each beat
repeating your name;
My stomach was aflutter
with nervouse butterflies
of anticipation;
My legs shook so hard
I could not even
begin to stand;
My entire body grew warm
from the flames of
passion and desire;
And yet you never knew
what your mere
presence could do
to me.
© 1988 TDR

So Close

We came so close
To making our dream come true;
It was right in front of us,
Waiting for us to reach out
And embrace it, turning it to reality,
Yet we hesitated again.
Still too afraid to try,
We turned away from it--
And each other--
Then wondered why
We still felt so alone.
© 1988 TDR


How do I stop loving you?
How do I turn off feelings stronger than I've ever felt
Just because they aren't "right"?
Though I'll hide it deep within,
My love for you will always fill my heart.
© 1988 TDR

Heart vs. Head

My heart is taking control of my head;
My passions are taking control of my life.
Whenever I'm near you, I can't think straight--
Nothing matters except the two of us together.
You have turned me into a woman I barely recognize,
Who takes risks without a thought for the consequences.
You've helped me learn how to really live.
© 1988 TDR

Untitled Short

I'm lonely
Even in a crowd
If you're not with me.
Part of my heart is empty
Without your love to fill it.
© 1988 TDR

What To Do

What should I do now--
Now that my best friend
Is slipping slowly
Out of my life?
Never have I felt
So totally alone,
With nowhere to turn
And no one to trust.
Please come back
And cheer me up again.
© 1988 TDR

Letting Go

Though it may seem my love was never real,
The truth is I love you enough to let you go
And spare you the hurt I'm feeling.
Go on with your life. Find happiness with another.
Though my love will live forever,
It will never show again.
© 1988 TDR

Is It Me?

I want to ask if I am the woman in your poems--
The one to whom you can't admit your true feelings--
But I'm afraid to know the answer.
If I am the one, what will it mean to our friendship
And where will it lead?
Will the pain of what can never be
Become less merely because it's shared?
© 1988 TDR

So Right Yet So Wrong

How can love feel so right
Yet be so wrong?
You and I can never be,
For I belong with him,
And yet I can't just walk away,
Pretending everything is still the same.
You've turned my world upside down
And I don't know where to go from here.
© 1988 TDR


I can't believe how fast I've fallen so far--
You made it easy right from the start.
You've driven me crazy and stolen my heart.
You've brought me sunshine in the midst of rain
And showed me how to deal with all the pain.
© 1988 TDR

Young Man's Dream Of Love

A young man's dream of love
Could finally come of age
If you weren't still too afraid
To let your heart out of its cage.
I've been around a little longer
And know dreams don't always come true,
Or else they just don't measure up,
Which is sure to disappoint you.
I'm ready to love again,
For together I believe
We'll make it better than it's ever been.
© 1988 TDR

Your Other Girl

Your other girl doesn't understand how you feel;
Your other girl can't give you a love that's real.
Your other girl doesn't know how much you cry;
Your other girl thinks you're "just another guy."
Your other girl brings nothing but pain;
Why not let this girl shelter you from the pain?
© 1988 TDR

Love And Loss

Is it really better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all?
Those who have never loved
Will never know the heartbreak and hurt
Of having the one they live for walk out of their life,
Or the torture of trying to win them back
Only to be told to stop acting a fool.
Never knowing love could mean
A lot less pain in your life.
© 1988 TDR

Sooner Or Later

When we share those private looks,
Your eyes--and that wicked smile--
Tell me all you're afraid to admit.
You know what I've been feeling
Because you can feel it, too.
Sooner or later,
It's going to get the better of us both.
© 1988 TDR


When I turn to look at you
And catch you looking back,
I get butterflies in my stomach
And my knees get weak.
No other woman could ever love you more
But you don't seem to want what I have to give,
For your heart and mind are too full of her
As you live off the pain she gives.
© 1988 TDR

First Kiss

Last night we shared our first kiss:
Unable to keep our feelings hidden any longer,
We moved into each other's arms
And you placed your lips on mine--
Tentatively at first, then more demanding
Until I was forced to respond.
Our first kiss was perfect--
But it was only in my dreams.
© 1988 TDR


I'm so confused--
How do I know if my love is real?
How do I know which of you I love?
If I really loved you, would I feel so drawn to him?
If what I feel for him is real, what have I shared with you?
Where do I go from here?
How do I find the answers?
© 1988 TDR

Look At Me

Look at me.
Just once, really look at me.
Too often it seems you're looking through me,
Ignoring my needs and feelings.
Maybe you don't want to know what I feel
Because you're afraid to face the same feelings in yourself.
Love should never be a source of fear.
© 1988 TDR


My mind fills with thoughts of you no matter where I am.
I remember your smile--the way it spreads across your face,
putting a twinkle in your eyes.
I remember the depth of your emotions
as they are reflected in your eyes and voice.
I remember the softness as I ran my fingers through your dark hair.
I remember that our love can never be.
© 1988 TDR

Do You

Do you ever think of me
As you go about your daily life?
Do you see me as a woman,
With all that would imply,
Or am I just another friend?
© 1988 TDR

Who Am I

Who am I really?
Am I the bubbly, outgoing woman people see when I'm among them?
Or am I the lonely, depressed child who often cries herself to sleep?
Am I the faithful wife who'll love her husband "till death do us part"?
Or am I the lady who yearns to feel the embrace of another man?
Am I the loving mother who enjoys each moment spent with her son?
Or am I the woman who sometimes wishes he had never been born?
Will I ever know the answers?
© 1988 TDR

What Happened?

What happened to all the romance?
Once upon a time, you were a true gentleman,
Treating me with all the tenderness and consideration
A lady could ever want or need.
I was showered with gifts of your love,
Your time, your understanding and your money.
Now they all seem in short supply,
And I wonder who I really married.
© 1988 TDR


I never wanted to be so far away from my family
And the friends I've known all my life,
But if I hadn't left all that behind
I might never have found my inner strength
Or known I can take care of myself
Under even the toughest circumstances.
At last I am a woman, not a child.
© 1988 TDR


If this is my home, why aren't I comfortable here?
I feel isolated, neglected and forgotten--
There is no one to share my feelings,
No one who will truly understand
Why I often feel the need to cry.
Must I always be so alone?
© 1988 TDR


I see so much of myself in you
As you tell of the pain of loving one
Who only thinks of you as a friend.
While you suffer her insensitivity,
I must suffer from yours.
© 1988 TDR

Let Her Go

I hate to see you look so sad
When I know I can't pick you up.
You miss her so very much
Yet feel she may not wait for you,
And the pain goes even deeper.
If she hurts you so much,
Why can't you just let her go?
© 1988 TDR

Will You?

Will you ever tell me how you feel?
Will I ever know what goes on behind your eyes?
Will we ever share more than smiles and small talk?
Will we ever say "I love you" to one another?
Will I ever feel the touch of your lips on mine?
Will you disappear from my life without giving us chance?
© 1988 TDR

Kindred Souls

Kindred souls--
Two people sharing
Thoughts, feelings and interests,
Communicating even in silence.
They're the closest of friends,
Feeling they've known each other always,
Though they've only just met.
On the surface you and I
Seem to be worlds apart,
Yet as we strip the layers away
We become much more alike.
Could it be that you and I
Are kindred souls?
© 1988 TDR


When you are out of my life,
I'm perfectly capable of surviving alone
And managing even the largest complications.
Then you come back to my side once more
And I feel my independence being drained away--
Once again I'm the helpless little girl of old,
Struggling to please you but afraid I never will.
© 1988 TDR


With each look at him,
I feel desire welling up in me
Until I could nearly explode with wanting him.
Then, when I can stand it no longer,
I go to him, taking him into my arms,
Nearly content just to feel him next to me,
Yet knowing I'm fueling his flame of passion.
As he loves me, the world all fades away
And nothing matters but what we share.
That is when I find true peace and contentment.
© 1988 TDR


Love seems so fleeting for us--
Growing in leaps and bounds
During those stolen moments,
Yet dying quickly away
Once we come together openly.
© 1988 TDR

Long Distance Lover

Long distance lover,
Never coming close enough
To risk a true commitment.
Seems you're expert with words
But still a novice at real emotions.
Each time I try to touch your heart
You quickly lock it away from view,
Yet you soon cautiously re-appear
As though urging me to try once more.
Perhaps as you grow to trust me again
We'll close the distance between us at last.
© 1988 TDR

New Beginning....Or Not?

Is this a new beginning,
Or just postponing the end?
When I'm near you
I can believe we have a chance
For a truly lasting relationship--
One that gets better with time.
Yet in my solitary hours
I create another scenario:
Even though we know it can't work,
We're both unsure of how to let go
Without hurting the other once again.
So where do we go from here?
© 1988 TDR

Do You Still Love Me?

Do you still love me?
As I go about my every day
The question haunts me.
Yet I can never find the words
To ask you when you're near,
Fearing the answer you might give.
© 1988 TDR

Meant To Be

Dreaming of the times we've shared
And of all the times yet to come;
Longing to be in the shelter of your arms
Each dark and lonely night.
Anticipation sends my pulse racing--
Never before has any other man
Done so much to make me feel a woman.
This new love between you and me
Encourages me to believe in fate--
Realizing we were truly "meant to be."
© 1985 TDD

The Little Things

It's not the grand or glorious things you can give
That draw me to you like steel to a magnet;
It's the little things, insignificant to those
Who've never known love like we share.
It's the smile you wear each time we meet,
The tender way you softly breathe my name.
It's walking in rain or under starry skies,
Feeling your arms pull me closer to you.
It's stealing kisses any time we get the chance,
And it's those three words I'll never tire of hearing--or saying.
Yes, it's the little things that make me love you so.
© 1985 TDD


No matter how many times we set each other free,
We come running back to the best love we ever knew--
The love we shared together in better times.
With each new beginning, our passion grows stronger
And our need grows deeper with each kiss and touch.
Yet there is still a constant nagging fear of pain and heartbreak--
A fear we could put behind us if we'd learn to believe in ourselves;
Returning with such regularity proves we'll always be in love.
© 1985 TDD