Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Story

All my life I dreamed of what true love should be
But I'd begun to think it wouldn't come to me
Then I met a man who touched me deep inside
But he wasn't mine, so my love I had to hide.

The spark of love lay smoldering within my heart
For many months, while he and I were far apart.
I never dared to hope he'd felt it, too
And was also feeling lost and blue.

Then I returned and saw him with his wife
So I was sure I'd never have him in my life
But then one night when we sat talking alone
He told me of the love for me he had known

From that moment, the spark erupted into flame
As we discovered our dreams had been the same
The more time we spent together, the more we knew
We had to find a way to make the dream come true.

For now we get together whenever we can--
We've love to share and our future to plan.
Soon the path will be clear for him and me
And our love at last we'll allow the world to see.
© 1990 TDR

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