Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too Busy Being Fabulous

Written using a title prompt

Another night of sitting alone
Wishing it could be the two of us
But while I'm here at home
You're too busy being fabulous.

We used to be inseparable
Togetherness was all we knew
But then you became "somebody"
And being fabulous got a hold on you

There were nights out on the town
Where everyone made such a fuss
All the attention started to make me frown
But you were loving being fabulous

Fame and fortune sound so good
When they're only in your dreams
But when only one of you succeeds
Fabulous isn't really all it seems

So go on, enjoy your wine, women and song
And forget about the vows you made for us--
Someday you may have to face your regrets
But today you're just too busy being fabulous.
© 2008 TDK

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