Thursday, May 14, 2009

18 Short Poems from May 2000

A new day begins
The promise of better things
The world is at peace.
© 2000 TDH

Their love is a symphony of silence
Hot notes of desire
Long gone sour.
© 2000 TDH

A lone duck swims by
In the pink-orange glow of dawn--
What a lovely day.
© 2000 TDH

Love is ageless
Love is warm
Only love could write
His name on my heart
With a soft kiss.
© 2000 TDH

Up, up and away
High above the rocky scene--
Floating in the sky.
© 2000 TDH

Pretty butterfly
Flitting among the flowers
Resting a moment.
© 2000 TDH

Love is forever
Its absence results in death
Hearts cannot survive
© 2000 TDH

Stark white loneliness
As far as the eye can see.
How do I escape?
© 2000 TDH

Blinded by desire
And foolish words of love
We have found nothing new
© 2000 TDH

Delicious memories of love
Desire overflowing
Souls long for soft words.
© 2000 TDH

Expectant visions of love
Desire accentuated
Rapture imparted
A song in the night
Reminds your soul.
© 2000 TDH

Palm trees provide shade
On the lonely stretch of beach
As I sit and cry
© 2000 TDH

Hot drops glistening in her eye
Secrets reflected in a sigh
The day that love will die
© 2000 TDH

Flitting through the air
Stopping to rest a moment
Then continuing.
© 2000 TDH

Frigid wintertime
Still not as cold as your heart
When you said goodbye
© 2000 TDH

In the warm afternoon
Flesh throbbing with desire--
One found love,
Another only tears.
© 2000 TDH

Soft purring sounds of love
Always transform desire
Beyond what is in the mind.
© 2000 TDH

My one and only;
Forever love of my life--
Till death do us part.
© 2000 TDH

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