Friday, December 18, 2009

The Moon And Stars

This form, villanelle, was new to me, and it was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. It took THREE MONTHS from start to finish....but here it is....

Wrapped in the shelter of his arms
Her spirit soared beyond the moon
As she succumbed to his many charms

With each kiss she would nearly swoon
His loving took her to the stars
And her heart sang a brand new tune.

Whether they were near or far
The love still grew within their hearts
And it was slowly healing every scar.

They swore never again to part--
To do whatever it took--
And all of life's "bumps" to thwart.

They shared enough words to fill a book
And dreamed of their future every day--
How it would feel, how it would look.

Even when they couldn't find the words to say
They knew there was no cause for alarm
For they each knew the other would stay
And never cause them any harm.
© 2009 TDK


I've clung to them, relied on them,
Trusted them, been hurt by them.
I've poured my heart into them,
And had them tossed back into my face.
I've waited for the right ones,
Settled for the "close enough" ones,
Believed the ones I should have doubted,
Doubted the ones I should have believed.
And through it all, I never realized
That what I really craved the most
Were the "words" that are never spoken--
The ones shared between two souls
In that mystical moment of togetherness.
© 2009 TDK