Thursday, May 14, 2009

17 Very Short Poems from March 2000

From dark midnight shadows,
Astride his painted pinto,
The Indian crossed forgetten trails.
© 2000 TDH

Melancholy time
The end of another day
Sadness covers all.
© 2000 TDH

Souls overflowing
Delicious moments
Desire expands
More love found
© 2000 TDH

Splashes of color
Reflected in the water
Yet sadness lingers.
© 2000 TDH

Ribbons of color
Move across the pale blue sky
Beautiful day.
© 2000 TDH

Love encompassed scene
Hot ache of delicious desire.
© 2000 TDH

Wait patiently to touch heaven
Anything may happen
Stay to the end
© 2000 TDH

Another life waits
For us on the other side
Let's cross together
© 2000 TDH

What could be lurking
In the darkening shadows?
Could it be my fears?
© 2000 TDH

Masked intruder waits
Peering at us anxiously...
Will he run away?
© 2000 TDH

Colors streak the sky
God is painting the heavens
All is peaceful at last.
© 2000 TDH

Unbearably painful insignificance
Totally dispassionate words
© 2000 TDH

Soft delicious notes
A lovely symphony
of silky desire.
© 2000 TDH

Another day dawns
A time of fresh beginnings
How will you use it?
© 2000 TDH

Red hot lips
Twilight sky
© 2000 TDH

Stark and empty scene
Reminds me of my loneliness
Sadness everywhere
© 2000 TDH

Billowy white clouds
Like little balls of cotton
Strewn across the sky
© 2000 TDH

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