Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dream vs. Reality

I close my eyes...
I'm sitting next to you in a warm spring meadow,
Listening to birds sing, smelling the sweet
floral perfume, feeling the grass beneath me
and your gentle touch.

I can almost see...
Yellow and white daisies and pink wild roses,
dotted with fluttering white butterflies,
And you--you take my breath away
and bring sunshine to my life!

I open my eyes...
I'm sitting here alone, looking out the window,
Listening to the wind, smellling dinner cooking,
feeling the chill of the windowpane pressed against my cheek.

I look out to see...
Gray skies over the lonely city, gray slush in the street,
eaves dripping with crystal icicles.
But you'll be home any minute,
bringing back the sunshine once again.
© 1989 TDR

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