Saturday, December 27, 2014


Another class assignment. Choose a place name from a list and write a 25 line poem about it. With my love of books, choosing Bronte was a no-brainer. As in many of the cozy mysteries I read, the people and places in Bronte get their names from Bronte novels. 

BronteThere's never a slow day
In Bronte during the summer.
Busloads of people arrive
Every week to explore
A long-forgotten time.
Here at the Rochester Hotel
Rosalie serves drinks
In the Lockwood Lounge
To the curious tourists
And long-suffering locals.
In the Thornfield Diner
Down the street,
Mrs. Bloomfield serves three meals a day--
English food of old that
Most of her patrons never saw before.
Happy laughter echoes through the park
As children roll wooden hoops,
Build forts of fallen branches
Or gather in groups under trees
To talk of books they are reading.
As the bus pulls away
The tourists know they will 
Never forget
Their magical day
In Bronte.