Friday, May 15, 2009

6 Short Poems From March 2009

Spring slowly begins
As slivers of green appear
Mixed amid the brown.
© 2009 TDK

True love
Given to you
Asking for nothing in return
My dear
© 2009 TDK

Someone reached back and called to the past.
What relief is found in whispers of love
Yes it was good
© 2009 TDK

Dandelions kissed by sunlight
Petals tickled by raindrops
Field bathed in green and gold.
© 2009 TDK

To be with you
Through good days and bad days
Working with you to make a life
© 2009 TDK

Love has been reborn
Once more we're like teenagers
Who can't get enough
Our life may not be perfect
But we're giving it our all.
© 2009 TDK

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