Thursday, May 14, 2009


Written using a line prompt.

This is where push comes to shove
And you have to choose between lust or love
This is where you thank the stars above
For the one who fits you like a hand in a glove.

This is where you say goodbye
And never let them see you cry
This is where you want to die
Though no one else can ever know why

This is where the heartache
Fills every moment you're awake
This is where you can't forsake
Those vows you were so proud to take

This is where you put away
What you want so bad to say
This is where you just can't stay
No matter how much you want to play

This is where you need to be strong
And remember where you still belong
This is where what's right and wrong
Must rule your heart and push it along.
© 2008 TDK

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