Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want To Come Home

I've been away far too long,
Searching for a way to feel whole.
Now I know where I should be,
And I want to come home.

I've traveled across the world
Looking for a love I could hold forever.
Now I know where it can be found,
And I want to come home.

I've prayed morning and night
For guidance and wisdom and grace
Now I know you're the answer I was given,
And I want to come home.
© 2009 TDK

No More Waiting

There's always been a reason
To postpone my dreams, my hopes, my life.
Finish high school, finish college,
Get married, have children.
Wait until the children are in school;
Wait until they all finish school.
I'm tired of waiting my life away,
And ready to live for ME before it's too late.
© 2009 TDK

Accidental Happiness

With no agenda, no expectations,
They came into each other's lives
Looking to connect as friends,
But Fate...or God...had other plans.
There was attraction, and lust,
Then love, passion, unity, commitment--
And always--ALWAYS--happiness and joy.
True, deep, lasting love
Discovered entirely by accident.
© 2009 TDK

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two Become One

Miles apart yet side by side
Words unspoken yet understood
Two souls call out to one another
Meeting on some other plane
To find true love, true comfort
In their marvelous, mystical union.
© 2009 TDK

Constant Craving

It's always been there--
That longing for something"more":
Never knowing what "more" was,
Just that something was missing.
Often thinking that I'd found it,
I soon wound up moving on again,
Disappointed and disillusioned.
Until there was you--
You touched my soul,
My heart, my mind,
And we formed a connection
Stronger than we could have dreamed.
And now, and forever,
My constant craving is for you.
© 2009 TDK