Friday, December 31, 2010

With You/Without You

With you I was whole, my life was complete.
I was ready to share all your pain and joy.
Without you, I am empty--there's a hole
In my heart where your love used to be.

With you, I was a woman of strength and power
Who finally knew just what she wanted from life.
Without you, I'm that lost little girl, frightened and alone,
Who struggles to find a reason to go on every day.

With you, I believed in undying love again
And in dreams that could come true at last.
Without you, my heart is shattered beyond repair
And dreams have turned to nightmares and sorrow.
© 2010 TDK

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wish Upon A Star

Did you ever wish upon a shooting star
To be with the one who's now so far
And did you ever cry for someone who
You once thought loved and adored only you?

Does your mind ever wander in the night,
Thinking about someone who's out of sight?
Do you look to the heavens for just a clue
That I'm out there somewhere, still thinking of you?
© 2010 TDK