Monday, May 11, 2009

Filled With Loneliness

Surrounded by humanity I am still filled with loneliness,
empty of human emotions I long for.
Without you, these feelings are lost.
Each time you leave my sight you take the essence of my life
and leave only the shell of a person
To wander through each day in a semblance of living.
But I am not really living.
I am merely existing, counting every moment until we're together again
And my soul will awaken with impassioned longing for the rest of itself.
What right do you have to steal things of such importance?
Although I want you to be part of my life,
you can not control me or my emotions.
I am the only one with that right.
I will share with you when I so choose,
but do not try to force me into confession.
It may be good for some souls, but not for mine.
© 1982 TDD

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