Monday, May 11, 2009

Dream Inspired

These two poems were inspired by a dream I had two nights in a row. I was really, really missing someone at this point in time.

It had been so long since our last meeting, it was hard for me to believe it was you.
The face was older, and a little more weathered, but then I saw that smile and knew the truth--
The man who walked out on me has come home again, expecting me to run into his open, waiting arms.
Despite an attempt to hold back, that's just how it happened.
As soon as I recognized you, I broke into laughter, then I flew to your side, calling out your name.
All the pain and anger I'd felt when you left was forgotten in that one tender moment.
Looking deep into your gray-green eyes, I saw something that had never been there before--
A hunger, a longing for something you'd missed;
something you'd left behind those years ago?
You knew I'd wait for you, didn't you?
With a love as deep as mine, you knew I couldn't forget.
I've been yours--body, mind and soul--for so long,
I wouldn't know how to react with anyone else.
It's good to have you back.
© 1982 TDD
I see him from my window, and my heart begins to sing.
He's come back!--the man I thought I'd lost forever.
He doesn't know I'm watching him--he couldn't possibly--yet he glances around as though sensing someone's presence.
I hurry down the stairs and out the door to tell him I'm glad to see him.
When I reach his side, I see him smile--the same smile I remember, the one that's carried me through the rough times all these years we've spent apart.
We talk of all that's happened since he left, and he tells me how he's missed our time together.
I hold my breath and wait--is there more?
Then he tells me of the tragedy he's been through and I hold him close, hiding my tears, much the same way he once comforted me.
As we cling to one another, I feel my love for him being reborn.
He needs me now, and I couldn't bear to let him down.
He was always there when I needed him, so now I have the chance to repay his kindness.
© 1982 TDD

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