Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Love

Summer Love
When we met, I was feeling the loneliness of winter
And not quite sure the spring would come again--
Scared to try planting the seeds of love once more,
I was nearly resigned to a lifelong hibernation.
Now, being with you is like a sweet summer day,
Full of sunshine, happiness and all the heat the season can provide.
Your golden hair is the sand along the shore and my fingers are the gentle wind shifting the position of each grain so very tenderly.
Gazing into two clear pools of azure, I feel myself sinking into their depths,
lost in the emotions mirrored there.
When your sweet lips provide the spark which builds into a roaring flame of desire, my entire being burns with the heat of newfound passion.
Wrapped in the security of your strong arms, the pain of my past seems almost like a dream; all that matters now is the pleasure I share with you.
Although we may someday feel the chill of autumn in our love should begin to wither and die,
We'll always have the memories of our precious summer love.
© 1983 TDD

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