Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Not-So-Secret Love

The man who shares my every day
Is gentle, sweet and kind in every way.
He picks me up when I'm feeling down
And understands when I need to clown.
With him I share the joy of romance--
He knows just how to make my heart dance.
Yet, when I close my eyes in sleep,
His is not the only love I keep.
There is another who brought music to my life,
Whose songs have seen me through the deepest strife.
The man who shares my daily life
And wants me to become his wife
Understands my not-so-secret dream
And even shares the music with me.
We listen as we make our future plans,
Then I dream of leaving for the music man.
My sweet love takes me in his arms
And "wins me back" with his many charms.
As he holds me tight, I know
I owe many thanks to Barry Manilow.
© 1984 TDD

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