Saturday, May 9, 2009

Story Poem #3

One in a world made for couples,
She always feels so out of place.
What can she do, where can she go,
When there's no one else she wants to be with--
No one really worth the effort?
Once she, too, was part of a duo.
For a long time, the two of them had everything;
There were walks in the moonlight,
Walks in the rain,
Long talks sharing their hopes and dreams,
And everything else the world expects of romance.
But what the world never counts on, it seems,
Is one of the pair finding someone else
They would rather be a twosome with instead.
When he came to her and asked to be set free
(Even though they had no strings),
She was so numb she had no answer for him.
Taking that for consent, he became engaged,
Leaving her to watch them in their happiness.
When they were married, she was there,
Tears in her eyes, to wish them luck.
Yet, as she hugged and kissed him one last time,
She couldn't help remembering the times
When she'd dreamed of this moment for them,
Never knowing how things would change.
Now, sometimes at night when she's lonely,
She thinks of him and says
"Wherever you are, darling, you know
You're the one I'll always love."
Then she holds her near
And cries herself to sleep;
One in a world made for couples.
© 1980 TDD

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