Saturday, May 9, 2009

Story Poem #2

When the phone rings, she prays it will be him.
It is, and he says he can get away,
But only for a few hours. Will she see him?
She knows it isn't right,
But she has to see him, to be with him,
So he comes.
As they sit sipping white wine,
She keeps thinking of his wife.
Does she know what's happening--
That he's using both of them?
It all seems so unfair somehow.
Before he was married, she was his only love,
Then he saw that a marriage could help him get ahead
And he was wed, keeping her on the side.
Every now and then, the thought passes through her mind
That true love shouldn't happen this way,
But it goes away when he holds her and says
"Sweetheart, I love you so."
Yet it soon got harder to live
On all his empty promises.
One day she realized that,
Instead of leaving his wife to be with her,
He was falling in love with his wife
And letting her down easy.
Now she sits at home alone each night,
Knowing how his wife must have felt
Way back when.
© 1980 TDD

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