Saturday, May 9, 2009

Perfect.....Or Not

Meeting him was an unexpected pleasure--I never imagined it would happen this way.
When I thought of falling hopelessly in love, I had always dreamed of finding Prince Charming.
I pictured a man who was tall, dark and handsome--
and of course it wouldn't hurt if he had money to burn.
My life was spent chasing after men who fit the bill,
and chasing away the ones who just weren't quite right.
Then one day I saw him from across a room--
tall and dark, not exactly handsome.
Should I risk it?
When he smiled and spoke, there was something in his eyes
which seemed to draw me closer to him.
The man I found is clever, witty, charming, romantic,
unpredictable, incorrigible, stubborn,
and poor as a church mouse but, most important of all,
He accepts the not-so-perfect me.
© 1982 TDD

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