Monday, May 4, 2009

Written For A High School Friend

This was written after I lost a hemophiliac friend to a gunshot wound.

You were born into a world of hurt and pain
And more often than sunshine you felt the rain
The road you walked stretched endlessly on
You kept on going though your strength was nearly gone
Your family and friends tried hard to make you see
That anyone can be whatever they want to be
You didn't realize all you could have done
But still you managed to have lots of fun
Try as you might to touch that elusive cloud
It stayed out of reach, and you cried out loud
Now you've climbed that mountain and you're feeling fine
You can't feel the pain of those left behind.
We remember your laughter, your eyes, your smile
And know we've only parted for a short while
In the lonely hours we will feel you there
And someday that cloud will be ours to share
© 1979 TDD

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