Saturday, May 9, 2009


Lately, I've heard people talking
About a beautiful place called Xanadu,
Where people's dreams come true.
Now, all I want to know is this--
Where is Xanadu for you and me?
I see it every night as I lay dreaming,
Then it disappears like a shooting star.
Could it be waiting somewhere,
Nurtured by love and hope,
Until the moment is right?
Until the world believes--
Until we believe--
And we feel free to live out a fantasy?
Tonight I feel Xanadu growing near,
Wherever it may be,
And I watch expectantly
For you to feel the presence, too,
Knowing all the while,
In spite of my dreams,
You search elsewhere
For a Xanadu of your own.
© 1980 TDD

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