Monday, May 4, 2009

Story Poem #1

All by herself in that big lonely mansion
She sits by the fire, waiting for him--
Reads a good book, cheats at solitaire,
Takes another drink, still waiting for him.
Then she starts to wonder what went wrong.
What happened to the life she dreamed of having?
He was a young, handsome, hardworking doctor
And she was always the light of his life.
Yet, as he became more familiar with success
He seemed less familiar with his wife and her needs.
The nights he spent at home became fewer
As she realized he was being taken from her.
Not by another woman--she could have dealt with that;
The third side of this triangle was his career.
After too many nights alone in the mansion,
She knew all too well what she had to do,
So she packed her clothes, went back home
And one day married the boy next door.
They shared their love for one another
And, though they never had much money,
She felt richer than ever before.
© 1980 TDD

1 comment:

  1. Good poem! I wirte also ... but in french... I discover your blog by the mean of twitter where I'm one of your followers.