Monday, May 4, 2009


All alone I sit and dream of you
I find memories of things we used to do
My mind goes back to those days gone by
When we thought love was for only you and I
Days of love when the sun shone so very bright
And the stars came out for us each night
I cry when I hear a song you used to sing
Because of the memories they can bring
I hear your sweet voice ringing clear
And it's almost as though you're standing near
Sometimes I wonder, as I dream of you
If it could be you think of me, too.
Do you remember the moments we shared?
Do you remember you said you cared?
When we meet it seems a hundred years have passed
Since we two vowed our love would last
Sometimes I cry and sometimes I smile
But still I miss you all the while
Someday we may meet once more
And I will love you like before.
© 1978 TDD

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