Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haiku Friday

*Haiku Friday is hosted by LouCeel

Hidden from the world
Deep within myself again
Craving solitude
© 2011 Teresa Kander


  1. If you lived closer, this would be a challenge. I'd have to come over and give you a HUG!

    The funny thing about this is that just before I clicked over to this, I put in my earphones to listen to Beethoven's 7th - the first 2'30" of which are the most emotional music I listen to. It speaks to solitude, among other things.

    Then, of course, I read your piece.

    Right between the eyes.

  2. :) I'll take a rain check on the hug, Lou!! And I know Beethoven's 7th, so I understand totally.

  3. Wow! This hits a little too close to home for me. I really feel your emotions in this haiku.

  4. Seems to be the time of year for this sort of thing!!!