Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never Look Back

I've always claimed to have no regrets
Because everything brought me to this place
And this person--the one I claimed to love.
Yet whenever others tried to love that person,
I pushed them away with tales of why I wasn't worthy,
Proving I'd never taken the time to forgive myself.
At last I found the one I never wanted to lose,
So I finally let it all go--left the past in the past--
Knowing that, this time, I'd truly never look back.
© 2009 TDK


  1. In all truth I do have some regrets, well -- actually just one. Wish I could just get over it once and for all as my life is good now.

    I guess we all are on a journey towards self forgiveness. So much easier for me to forgive others than myself. Why the heck is that???

    Jannie -- the roving commenter.

  2. Jannie...thanks for stopping by!!! I agree that it's easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves. But as a wise man once told one else can truly love you until you truly love yourself...and that starts with forgiving yourself for being human and making good luck to you!!!