Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"True Love" at 14

You're the only one that I could ever love--
No one else, just you.
Even when you're with someone else,
I will still be true.
I see you hold her in her arms
And it breaks my heart.
Then--oh Lord--you kiss her,
And my whole world falls apart.
Sometimes you act so sweet
I believe you really care,
But then, just as quickly,
You act like I'm not there.
Let's try just one more time
To make our love work out;
We deserve each other--
That's what life's about.
Maybe, if they'd leave us both alone,
We could have the sweetest life
The world has ever known.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine,
The way it ought to be.
Even though we'll be together,
We will still be free.
I wish you could understand--
My love is real and true;
There is only one that it is for
And that, my sweet, is you.
You're the one with whom
I'd share forever and a day;
Since I love you so much,
It's the only way.
If I had a choice
Of who I'd like to be,
I'd like to be the girl
You look at lovingly.
If I could make a wish--
One wish and then no more--
You, my dear sweet love,
Are what I would wish for.
© 1976 TDD

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